Sunday, April 26, 2015

Mainou, we hardly knew you

After 35 seasons, Gehrig World says a reluctant goodbye and good luck to owner mainou. An original owner as well as a charter member of the Vets Committee, mainou has been an extremely valued member of our small community. He has helped to nurture new owners, provide counsel, prop up the AL West, and curate the blog.

Long a mainstay in the arid desert of the American southwest, he won 6 division titles and over 2750 ball games, including a season high 104 wins in season 22..

I only know mainou through this website, and can only speculate as to his true form, but I feel very sure that he is a fine, upstanding human being. He has shown more compassion and empathy in HBD than any other owner I have dealt with.

He will be missed.