Tuesday, June 9, 2009

#1 Draft Picks for a Dozen Seasons

8 of the 12 picked were pitchers
9 of the 12 were out of college

Season 1: Kenneth Teut (IF), out of Auburn by Santa Cruz (gydk)
2 time All Star; career OPS .780 (9 ML seasons, mostly with SEA/HAR/DOV, now a FA)

Season 2: Hal Schoeneweis (P), out of HS by Jacksonville (cpkung)
56-58 5.10 ERA in 10 ML seasons (now with ROC)

Season 3:
Ellis Ingram (P), out of Richland College by Syracuse (capilla)
33-44, 16 SV 5.52 ERA in 7 ML seasons (all with OTT, now a FA)

Season 4:
Danys Lopez (P), out of the Coll of Charleston by Seattle (threester)
2 time All Star; 94-46 3.95 ERA in 7 ML seasons (all with SCR)

Season 5:
Desi Maduro (P), out of Kentucky by Colorado (offroadx)
42-50 5.20 ERA in 6 ML seasons (now a FA)

Season 6:
Freddy Garcia (P), out of Kankakee CC by San Juan (doontristy)
3 time Cy Young, Rookie of the Year, 4 time All Star; 74-35 2.66 ERA
in 4 ML seasons (all with SJ)

Season 7:
Chip Greenwood (IF), out of Miami(OH) by Vancouver (camden68)
All Star; career .907 OPS in 3 ML seasons (all with NYM)

Season 8:
Brady Simmons (IF), out of HS by Vancouver (camden68)
1st ML season; career Minor League OPS is 1.000+ (now with VC)

Season 9:
Buster Simpson (P), out of Sonoma St by Richmon (jacoby66)
1st full ML season; career Minor League ERA < 4.00 (now with TB)

Season 10:
Rodrigo Tavarez (P), out of HS by San Antonio (phildirt)
1st full ML season; career Minor League ERA 3.16 (now with NYM)

Season 11: Dan Hollins (P), out of LSU by San Antonio (phildirt)
currently at AAA Nashville with career Minor League ERA of 3.15

Season 12: Al Iglesias (OF), out of UConn-Avery Point by cwiddoes (Fresno)
currently at High A Fresno, has OPS of 1.292