Monday, March 5, 2012

Season 23 Wrap-up

The Fresno Mendozas are officially in ownership mode of the Gehrig world. Making their sixth straight World Series showing as representatives of the National League, the Mendozas went the distance to repeat as World Series Champions.

To repeat as World Series champions, they had to defeat a very good a Fargo Wood Chippers squad that had amassed 119 wins during the regular season. The 119 regular season wins tied a Gehrig record for most wins in a regular season set by the Charlote Driskills in season 22. Oddly enough, the Mendoza's also defeated the Driskills on that season to capture the Word Series hardware, with both Series going to a Game 7 to decide the winner. Reginald Wolf collected two wins during the World Series, and had a solid Game 7 to clinch the Series for the Mendozas.

For the Wood Chippers, this marks a sour end to what had been a very sweet season. After winning 119 wins the hopes were set on running the table. Alas, it wasn't meant to be.

Congratulations to cwiddoes on his second Gehrig World Series championship, and third overall title.


This was the sixth World Series trip in a row for the Mendozas, and first for the Wood Chippers since foolsgold79 took over the franchise.

The Mendozas also are the third team in Gehrig to repeat as World Series champions.

This is the second title for the NL West, leaving the AL West as the only division without a World Series win.

Season 1. San Juan Clementes (mazz993) - AL

Season 2. Seattle Pilots (threester) - AL
Season 3. Scranton Shrutes (mookie79) - AL
Season 4. Jacksonville betelnut (cpkung) - AL
Season 5. Jacksonville betelnut (cpkung) - AL
Season 6. Wichita Wallabies (jdbkaput) - NL
Season 7. Seattle Pilots (threester) - AL

Season 8. Monterrey Pepper Jacks (tooly_mctool) - NL
Season 9. Ottawa Sundragons (sundragons) - NL
Season 10. San Juan Myrmidons (doontristy) - NL
Season 11.
Monterrey Pepper Jacks (tooly_mctool) - NL
Season 12. San Juan Myrmidons (doontristy) - NL
Season 13. Durham Donkeyfish (armst24) - AL
Season 14. Scranton Schrutes (mookie79) - AL
Season 15. San Juan Myrmidons (doontristy) - NL
Season 16. Durham Donkeyfish (armst24) - AL
Season 17. Rochester North Stars (hypnotoad) - AL
Season 18. Atlanta Swabbies (graybeard) - AL
Season 19. Richmond big tunas (bigtuna5) - AL
Season 20. Charlotte Driskills (infamy) - AL
Season 21. Charlotte Driskills (infamy) - AL
Season 22. Fresno Mendozas (cwiddoes) - NL
Season 23. Fresno Mendozas (cwiddoes) - NL

AL - 14 World Series
NL- 9 World Series