Saturday, March 8, 2014

Rule Changes

We've been at this for a while with an admittedly weak MWR (Minimum Rule Requirement). This may suit the majority just fine, but I wanted to gauge interest in other options. These options all include toughening up the MWR.

The rule currently states that a team must win 120 games over 2 consecutive seasons or risk being voted out by the rules committee. There are 2 directions to go - a higher Win Level and/or to make it Automatic (no vote by the committee).

I'm going to outlay 4 options and would appreciate it if you can let me know your thoughts via trade chat or site mail. If any changes would occur they would only start with season 32 being the 2nd year of a new MWR - no new MWR would apply to season 31 nor would any change in committee vote/automatic ejection.

Option A) Increase the MWR to 130 from 120, with a failure to reach it still subject to committee vote.

Option B) Keep the MWR at 120 but make a failure to reach it an automatic ejection

Option C) Increase the MWR to 130 AND make a failure to reach it an automatic ejection.

Option D) Stay with the current rule


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