Thursday, April 10, 2014

Season 31 Wrap-Up

For the second season in a row the Santa Fe Tigers (108-54) won the World Series title in Gehrig requiring the maximum number of games in the Series. But unlike last season, when Santa Fe required extra innings in the deciding game to beat Mexico City, the Tigers scored 6 runs in the bottom of the third inning on the Florida Spring Breakers (106-56) and never looked back.

Both Florida and Santa Fe entered the World series as the top seeds from the NL and AL, respectively. Not only did they have a strong regular season, but both teams entered the World Series having won all their games in the Division and League Championships. Both squads were so evenly matched that neither team was able to win two games in a row during the Series. In the end, the Spring Breakers best chance of taking control of the Series fell through when they blew a 5-3 lead in Game 5 with Herman Magee giving up the deciding 3 runs on the top of the 9th inning.

For antidrew, a fantastic run ended on a sour note, but he will be happy with the prospects of a team that he was able to turn around in only his fourth season in Gehrig. For kevinbigham, another great season ended up with another World Series championship.


Santa Fe has now had 9 consecutive 100+ win seasons, dating back to season 23, and has won 4 titles during this time span. 

This is kevinbigham's fourth World Series championship in Gehrig and in Hardball Dynasty.

Season 1. San Juan Clementes (mazz993) - AL 
Season 2. Seattle Pilots (threester) - AL
Season 3. Scranton Shrutes (mookie79) - AL
Season 4. Jacksonville betelnut (cpkung) - AL
Season 5. Jacksonville betelnut (cpkung) - AL
Season 6. Wichita Wallabies (jdbkaput) - NL
Season 7. Seattle Pilots (threester) - AL
Season 8. Monterrey Pepper Jacks (tooly_mctool) - NL
Season 9. Ottawa Sundragons (sundragons) - NL
Season 10. San Juan Myrmidons (doontristy) - NL
Season 11.
Monterrey Pepper Jacks (tooly_mctool) - NL
Season 12. San Juan Myrmidons (doontristy) - NL
Season 13. Durham Donkeyfish (armst24) - AL
Season 14. Scranton Schrutes (mookie79) - AL
Season 15. San Juan Myrmidons (doontristy) - NL
Season 16. Durham Donkeyfish (armst24) - AL
Season 17. Rochester North Stars (hypnotoad) - AL
Season 18. Atlanta Swabbies (graybeard) - AL
Season 19. Richmond big tunas (bigtuna5) - AL
Season 20. Charlotte Driskills (infamy) - AL
Season 21. Charlotte Driskills (infamy) - AL
Season 22. Fresno Mendozas (cwiddoes) - NL
Season 23. Fresno Mendozas (cwiddoes) - NL
Season 24. Santa Fe Tigers (kevinbigham) - AL
Season 25. Kansas City Betelnuts (cpkung) - AL
Season 26. Kansas City Betelnuts (cpkung) - AL
Season 27. Santa Fe Tigers (kevinbigham) - AL
Season 28. Ottawa Dragons (selvendar) - AL
Season 29. San Diego Magic (thedream42) - NL
Season 30. Santa Fe Tigers (kevinbigham) - AL
Season 31. Santa Fe Tigers (kevinbigham) - AL

AL - 21 World Series
NL- 10 World Series