Wednesday, March 5, 2008

My 7-year long dinner with Andre....

A similar thing here with high priced sluggers.
There are certainly other worthy batters in the league, but this only concerns the highest paid sluggers.

This does highlight Andre Martin's Ruthian presence, but take a look at the underrated Pedro Cruz of the Yankees. And pity poor Mike Bradley.

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Not at all like that old Kinks song....

..."Low Budget".

You'll have to click the image to get a better look.

This list above has the higher priced/more effective Starting Pitchers of Gehrig's first 7 seasons.
I started with some obvious ones, and then also checked the prior Cy Young award winners and checked the career leaders in some key categories.

Saturday, March 1, 2008

Someone broke a mirror in the state of New York

More chart *nerdiness* here. Above are the win totals, per year, for all the teams still run by their original owners.
New York has more wins than anyone in this 7-year span, with 671. They are followed closely by Rochester with 665.

However, all these wins have amounted to just 2 LCS championships, by NY all the way back in season 1 and by Rochester last year.

Budget Fun, part deux

Above is the payroll history of the entire AL for the past 8 seasons.

The highest average payroll for this period belongs to the Kansas City franchise - a little over $108 million. KC has a checkered past to be sure - 3 different teams in the Lone Star state, plus stops in Louisville and Tampa Bay. This high payroll has resulted in no post-season appearances.
Good luck eric!

The lowest average payroll belongs to the near-ubiquitous threester and his Seattle Pilot franchise (under $72 million). This cheapskate has produced 2 World Series championships.
But good news everyone - his payroll shot up this year so maybe we have a shot.

Hypnotoad out.