Sunday, March 20, 2011

Season 20 Preview - AL East

FA Signings: Vincente Ibarra (P)
The 40-year old Ibarra signed cheaply towards the end of spring training.

Trade Acquisitions: Lenny Small(OF), Jose Lopez (RP), Miguel Mendez (CF), Bucky Byrnes (RP)
Small still has some pop in his bat (27 homers last season in Detroit, a pitchers’ park). Lopez is a quality closer, swapped with Detroit for last years closer Meyer. The speedy Mendez has won 2 Gold Gloves in center.

Losses: Nigel Walker (SS), Chris Mayer (RP), Kevin Weathers (RP), Miguel Mondesi (CF), Orlando Molina (3B), Rickey Reed (OF)

Last Season: 81-81, 1st place AL East
Runs: 755 (12th)
ERA: 4.34 (8th)
Fielding: .988 (T2nd) 57/30 +/-

Conclusion: The betelnut lost their last 8 games of the regular season in season 19, and then promptly got swept in the first round of the playoffs. The offense will need to improve to better last years record, in the regular season as well as the post-season.

FA Signings: George Taylor (P), Mac Davis (IF)
Taylor was signed away from Pawtucket where he worked in the bullpen. Mac Davis has a fantastic agent.

Trade Acquisitions: Dude Lanigan (CF)
Dude roamed the center field in St. Louis with his below average glove. He looks to do the same in Trenton.

Losses: None

Last Season: 79-83 2nd place AL East
Runs: 857 (4th)
ERA: 4.97 (13th)
Fielding: .984 (T8th) 62/36 +/-

Conclusion: Several good young players in AAA may be the difference for Trenton. They should still be able to score runs, but I think the pitching staff will need more than a pedestrian George Taylor to significantly improve from season 19’s ERA.

FA Signings: Daniel Groom (P), Skip Allensworth (RP), Timothy Hall (2B)
None of these players are impact players.

Trade Acquisitions: None

Losses: Don Matheson ( C), Eddie Trammell (SP)

Last season: 69-93 3rd AL East (as Dover)
Runs: 749 (11th)
ERA: 5.13 (12th)
Fielding: .984 (T6th) 64/24 +/-

Conclusion: The 9 Rule V selections this season telegraph the rebuilding intentions of the Lake Shores. They should not content for the division title.

FA Signings: Yoo-nah Masato (RP)
Masato struggled a bit in Richmond last season, but should do well for the Pushovers.

Trade Acquisitions: None

Losses: Omar Fernandez (SP), Brandon Bell (SS), Will Davis (2B/CF)

Last season: 53-109 4th in AL East
Runs: 665 (14th)
ERA: 4.93 (12th)
Fielding: .985 (T5th) 72/27 +/-

Conclusion: The young Pushovers aren’t quite ready yet. They do have some pieces at AAA. They do continue to maintain a quality defense, even as the rest of the team lags behind in production.

Hypno’s Projected Order of Finish:
1. Jacksonville
2. Trenton
3. Pittsburgh
4. Cleveland

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