Friday, March 4, 2011

100 Win Seasons: Season 19 Update

Season 19 went to the Richmond big tunas, giving bigtuna5 his 1st World Series title in Gehrig but his 3th overall Hardball Dynasty title.

The Vancouver NewMoneyManiacs also tied the record for most wins in a season, established Season 12 by the San Juan Myrmidons, with 116 in Gehrig.

In 19 seasons, 59 teams have 100 wins or more in a season, with 25 from the NL and 34 from the AL. This means that an average of 3.1 teams record 100 wins every season. Of these 59 teams, only 9 teams have ended up winning the World Series. This equates to a 47% success rate of winning the championship after recording 100 or more wins.

Click on the image for a larger, and easier to read, image.

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