Saturday, May 10, 2008

Season 8 AL League Leader Wrap-up



Ryan Cannon (Rochester) 58 - Who? I know, a pretty one dimensional hitter, but that is a pretty good dimension. Edged out the much better known William Washington by 1 homer - both homered in the last game of the season.

(tie) Javier Chavez (Buffalo) and William Washington (Seattle) 146 - These two will ultimately settle the tie via deathmatch, as their owners would like to in real life.

Dorian Alred
(Little Rock) 105 - Got caught just 18 times, which, unfortunately, is a pretty high CS rate for HBD right now. Just edged out the amazing Fred Simms of Scranton who had 102.

Batting Average:
Andre Martin
(Rochester) .355 Big Andre had a late surge to surpass Cesar Cortazar's .353 for Jacksonville.

Andre Martin
(Roc) 1.133 I included this to piss off William Washington.

(tie) Cap DiSarcina (Pittsburgh), Eli Santana (Charlotte), and Piper Jackson (Jacksonville) 20 - All 3 quite obviously had exceptional seasons, although Jackson has trouble keeping up in the ERA department.

Michael Choi
(Jacksonville) 50 - Wow. A very impressive number, only blowing 8 of save opportunities. This is also a new single-season record for saves.

Eli Santana
(Charlotte) 260 - 7 fewer than last year, although I doubt that infamy is complaining.

Vic Cruz
(Seattle) 2.25 - So much for switching leagues/ballparks. Cruz improved his performance from last year for his new Seattle team.

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