Saturday, May 30, 2009

Season 12 Wrapup

Season 12 ended with a 7 game World Series thriller that gave the San Juan Myrmidons their 2nd World Series title in Gehrig. The Durham Donkeyfish, making their first appearance in the Series, tried to pry back the hardware from the National League but just fell short. San Juan had a dream season, leading the NL with a franchise best, league best, and Gehrig World best 116 wins.

After an early domination by the AL, the NL has countered with 5 straight World Series titles, and 5 out of the last 6. The AL and NL are now tied with 6 World Series titles each. This is also owner doontristy's second WS title in Gehrig, and joins cpkung, tooly_mctool, and threester as owners of 2 World Series rings.

Congrats to the Myrmidons and their management on a great season.

Season 1. San Juan Clementes (mazz993) - AL

Season 2. Seattle Pilots (threester) - AL

Season 3. Scranton Shrutes (mookie79) - AL

Season 4. Jacksonville betelnut (cpkung) - AL

Season 5. Jacksonville betelnut (cpkung) - AL

Season 6. Wichita Wallabies (jdbkaput) - NL

Season 7. Seattle Pilots (threester) - AL

Season 8. Monterrey Pepper Jacks (tooly_mctool) - NL

Season 9. Ottawa Sundragons (sundragons) - NL

Season 10. San Juan Myrmidons (doontristy) - NL

Season 11.
Monterrey Pepper Jacks (tooly_mctool) - NL

Season 12. San Juan Myrmidons (doontristy) - NL

Saturday, May 23, 2009

Top Seasons

Winning 100 games in a single season is usually a sign of a great season. Some interesting facts about the 100+ win teams:

  • 33 teams have posted 100+ wins in 12 seasons of play, 22 from the AL and 11 from the NL.
  • Every division except for the NL West has had a 100+ win team.
  • Season 2 was the only season without a 100+ win team in either league.
  • The NL did not have a 100+ win team in season's 2, 6 and 7 (NL won WS Season 6).
  • Of the 33 100+ teams only 5 (15%), two from each league, have won the WS.
  • 2 Wild Card teams have won 100+ teams, both in the AL.
  • The Scranton Schrutes lead the AL with five 100+ seasons.
  • The San Juan Myrmidons lead the NL with four 100+ seasons.
  • The two best records took place in season 12: San Juan (NL-116 wins) and Scranton (114-48).
Below is a list of all 100+ winning seasons. The list is sorted from most wins to least. NL teams are highlighted in blue and AL teams are highlighted in Red. World Series (WS) winners are noted by an "X" and Wild Card teams are noted by an "*". You will have to click on the image to view the entire data set.